Now you see me!

For The Daily Post. prompts  Now You See Me


I remember the first-time I saw you

Bent double over your desk you were

Lone person in the classroom

Nose inches away from the sheet of paper

Scratching endlessly

You didn’t see me!


The second time saw you sitting right beside me

Twiddling absentmindedly with the pen between your fingers

Lost in your own thoughts

You didn’t see me!


The next time you passed me in the corridor

Our arms brushing each others ever so slightly

I got a whiff of your wonderful soap

Reminding of freshly mowed grass

You did spare me a glance

But I don’t think you actually saw me


And then came that day

When you held my hand

Albeit just to keep me from falling over

The blush that crept over my cheeks

Was enough to give me away

But I don’t think you saw it


Then again you knocked on my door

Asking me to help you cook

Surprised as I was that u needed my help

I obliged.

I wonder, did u see me then?


This time you should have seen it

The day I left you those flowers and card

At the side of your hospital bed

My initials carved ever so brightly at the back

Wasn’t it obvious?

But you didn’t realize it was me


And that day when I lent you my shoulder to cry

Over your ex who lived so far far away

I wondered

Will you ever see me somehow?


And here I stand today, looking at my empty room

The day had come when I would be leaving

As all my friends bade me goodbye

My eyes sweep over the crowd, searching for you

Your absence could mean only one thing

you hadn’t seen me yet


As I sit here waiting for my train

I gaze at the mementos from my friends

And then my heart gave a leap

A letter from you?


As my eyes scanned the words of the letter

I realized what a fool I had been

Off course you had felt everything, off course you had noticed

But only I was stupid enough to realize

It is only Now that you see me!


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